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Cold storage, refrigeration units, and freezer units often create challenges for ordinary wireless computers. Here we will go over the challenges of computing in freezing temperatures.



Companies no longer have to compromise on functionality and information access just because of the environment.  Devices built for cold storage scanning are able to withstand the cold temperature as well as the transition from cold to warm locations.  Cold air, frost, and condensation all create challenges when it comes to cold storage scanning equipment. Condensation causes the same issues as frost by making screens and scanners unusable. By specializing your scanning equipment, you can reduce repair costs and unit replacements, which can slow down business. Access to this technology is easier than ever with Barcode Enterprises.




Since all scanning devices are created differently, you have to make sure you’re using devices that are able to withstand cold temperatures.  When searching for devices to use in cold storage scanning, look for devices with special features like internal heaters, lithium batteries, and moisture resistant connectors. Some devices can also become brittle in extreme cold, making them susceptible to breaking when dropped. Call today if you have any questions.


Honeywell Barcode Scanner Service Center


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