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One of the biggest challenges for the use of barcode scanning is the destruction of the barcodes on products.



Take a barcode on a product being shipped to a warehouse. The code may get torn or damaged by being rubbed against other goods. It may get wet as it’s loaded from pallet to truck. And once in the warehouse, it may be exposed to hot or cold temperatures or condensation. While these problems can be avoided by using high-quality barcode labeling solutions, the point is that in many instances, from the moment a barcode is created, there is a chance that it might degrade – and become harder to read.




If a barcode is severely damaged it will need to be re-printed. However, by using the latest array imaging scanners, your teams will have fewer problems in securing a successful scan. This is because such scanners are built around similar technology used in digital cameras. Indeed, unlike legacy laser devices – which use a sharp line to read only a portion of the code – array imagers take a picture of the whole symbol to find the best part of it, and, by using sophisticated image processing software, can better compensate for damaged, scratched or faint codes. The result is faster reads, fewer interruptions to workflows, more accurate data capture and smoother business processes.


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