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Where can I find a computer barcode scanner?

Wearable technology is being developed faster than ever and has resulted in advancements in barcode scanning ability.

Where can I find the best mobile barcode scanner?

What is Wearable Tech?


Wearable devices can be equipped with mobile computer vision software and transformed into hands-free data capture tools that automatically read barcodes on objects and convey relevant information via augmented reality feedback displays. These digital displays can communicate pricing information, discounts, stock counts, specific product ingredients and much more. Unlike smartphones and tablets, wearable devices enable users to quickly and accurately scan barcodes, text, and objects while picking items, carrying packages, or handling tools with both hands which brings increased productivity and focus to employee scanning activities.




In retail, floor salespeople are often tasked with answering inquiries on specific items. For example, a customer with dietary constraints might ask a grocery store employee for detailed information on the items they’ve selected, including whether they are free of gluten or other specific substances. With the help of barcode scanning-enabled wearable devices, grocery staff can simply examine each product’s barcode for fast and easy access to these details (as well as any relevant sales or promotions) and improve the shopping experience. Retail enterprises can harness wearable barcode scanning devices to increase the quality and flexibility of their clientele and customer support initiatives, driving sales and customer satisfaction.


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